Welcome Letter

Dear delegates and friends of UC3MUN,

I am extremely pleased to welcome you all to the Universidad Carlos III Model United Nations. It is a real pleasure for me to serve as Secretary General in this Seventh Edition, which will be held in Madrid between the 28th of February and the 3rd of March 2017.

It was with the help of a small group of truly committed students that UC3MUN came to life as the pioneering conference in Madrid. Today, and thanks to the great efforts that ANUDI has been doing, we have grown until the impressive number of 520 delegates in the past edition, having more than 20 nationalities and 25 universities from all over the world represented. As first-hand witness of this evolution, I have been able to notice the incredible work that ANUDI members have done, which at the same time makes me very proud and happy.

There are several basic pillars that have motivated the celebration of this conference since its creation: the clear commitment for training and empowering young people as you, the promotion of debating and negotiation as means for achieving solutions to the most important problems of our age, the acquisition of key professional abilities… but, above all, the possibility that any person, no matter his or her social or cultural origin, could have the opportunity to take part in an international simulation as this one.

It is, therefore, our mission to unite and train the new generation of world leaders. That is why I hope that UC3MUN could serve as a platform for innovation, and as a space where productive relationships could be built among students that share a global view of today’s most prominent issues. In order to be able to take advantage of all the opportunities, to enjoy, to debate, to make lifetime friendships, to grow both personal and professional, to achieve all your goals…

I invite you to join us in UC3MUN 2017 and to be a part of something great!

Best wishes,

Alexandre Picón
Secretary General
UC3MUN 2017