Star Wars UC3MUN (STW)

Crisis Committee

Topic: Senate of the New Galactic Republic

Language: English

Participation requirements:

Those who want to take part in this committee may have to send to the UC3MUN Secretariat (by email to an original proof of their knowledge of Star Wars’ saga, by writting a motivation letter or by video, photos or any other mean that they find convenient. Creative applications will be highly valued.

Tirso Virgós


Welcome to the Galactic Senate, fellow MUNers. My name is Tirso Virgós and I’m a student of Law and Politics, almost finishing this eternal degree, and my main areas of study concern political thought, liberal parties in Western Europe and the causes of the fall of the Galactic Republic. I’m a convinced rebel, supporter of the Malazan Empire, loyal servant to House Stark and addicted to debates about History (fictional or not). This Committee is going to be the ultimate power in the known universe, so send your application now and help to shape the future of the galaxy! Hoping to see you soon in Coruscant, district of Madrid, to celebrate this new edition of UC3MUN. May the Force be with you.

Batsheva Haber


Hello delegates of the galaxy! My name is Batsheva Haber (Shev for short), and I am from planet Earth, from a country called Israel. I just finished my BA in Communication and Political Science, and am now an MA student in Informal Education at Bar Ilan University. I started my MUN journey about 3 years ago, and love everything about the Model UN world. Since this is presumably a committee full of geeks, I will tell you the most important things: I am a Ravenclaw, prefer Marvel to DC, have strong opinions on the existence of unicorns, and believe that the answer to everything is 42. If there is one thing Model UN has taught me it’s “fake it till you make it” – if you believe in yourself, so will everyone else. As the great Yoda says: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Can’t wait to meet you all, and may the force be with you!