Dear Adventurer or friend:

If you have reached this page it may be for three different reasons: the first because you are a restless young person looking for new experiences, the second because you are a lover of international relations, the United Nations and dialogue and lastly because you are simply lost or maybe someone deceived you into here.

For whatever reason, we are very glad that you are here and especially myself. It is my task to welcome you to Carlos III Model United Nations University, also known as UC3MUN. This year, I have the duty to serve as Secretary General in this eighth edition between the days of March 6 to 9, 2018.

This is the first time you dive into this page and you do not know, we are a small family of students who, with the help of many people before us and hopefully, with yours in the future, got to work and to create what today has become a conference with more than 600 delegates in the previous edition, with university students of 35 nationalities and with the support of 7 educational institutions all over the globe We achieve this thanks to the incessant work, over seven years, and the support of many people like you and me.

I am pleased to invite you, therefore, to participate in our already not so small family if you share the same values ​​as us and want to introduce new values ​​and ideas of your own that can make us grow in the future. Together we created a model open to everyone, where you can learn in two different languages how the​​ United Nations works, prove your skills to be a leader of tomorrow and the most important my opinion, where you will be able to meet new friends with shared dreams for your whole life.

I give you the opportunity to be part of this adventure in the edition of UC3MUN 2018 and to help us grow and make our family bigger and as my predecessors would say: to be part of something great.

Francisco Pérez-Crespo Vinader

General Secretary

UC3MUN 2018