UC3MUN’s 2021 team is composed by students with diverse origins and interests. We are an organized and functional group, ready to work so that UC3MUN 2021 fulfills and exceed the expectations around it. We are divided in several teams to guarantee that all tasks are done correctly and on time.


Julián Scannone

Secretary General

Pedro Gutiérrez

Under Secretary General


Antonio García

Director General

Sandra Pineda

Deputy Director General

Under-Secretary General for Chairing

Manuel Navarro

Under Secretary General of Chairs

Simone Mostratisi

Under Secretary General of Chairs

Directorate of Applications

Alejandro Sánchez

Director of Applications

Lara Fernández

Deputy Director of Applications

Directorate of Press

Paula Cabaleiro

Press Director

Directorate of Social Media

Begoña Sánchez

Codirector of Social Networks

Laura Megía

Codirector of Social Networks